Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Reaction of Schindler's List

My reaction towards this movie is that its too graphic, like a lot of killing, blood and bodies of Jews are very skinny. But this movie is showing what the Germans did to the Jews. But the way the Germans were act was very cruel and has hatred towards them for what??? I'm still wondering what.
Most of the parts are funny, and most of them are very cruel.
-Jaquel Parker

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'd pick music because I basically listen to it everyday, all day ! I listen to it when I do work, exercise, clean up, etc. Music to me is like art. What I mean but art, is when you rap or sing. It's like you are painting a picture. If you agree with that. That's what's up ! You can never get bored with music ! It's apart of life.

Well, it does connect to what we are learning because it's was made back then, maybe in the b.c. Music start when the gods played with harps and violins, many more. And now the music in the 70s, 80s && 90s. Uh oh! We forgot the 20th century. Now it is all about beats and rapping. It is the best because you can have fun with it except being boring. In raps or song or writing, it comes from what happened to you that day or you did something wrong. Sometimes it depends on your mood. That is all about!!! No more after that ! Time will tell !
Music is part of life if you realize it!

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Fire on 60th & Nicollet

What happen is on March 17, 2011 @ 8:40 that morning.
The gas pipe broke and had a lot of flames that was like 3 to 4 stories high, it was directly in front of the Cub foods. It burn like 40 cars and melted the sign. But no
One was injured. There is a lady that is from CenterPoint Energy named Becca Virden that is saying "a large perimeter established by police and fire crews was reduced by 11 a.m. to the immediate vicinity of the Cub Foods". Virden did not describe the incident as an “explosion,” the term used by city officials.
“At this time it’s too early to speculate as to the cause of the incident,” Virden said. “We will know more as the investigation continues.” She is talking about that the incident happened too early in the morning, so she thinks it like an investigation. I thought to myself, how this can be an investigation if the gas pipe was lose and maybe broke. Has she ever considered that? I think she hasn't one bit.  This is kind of like history because this happen a couple of a weeks ago.


Welcome Post!

Welcome to my Kellz World blog. My blog is going to be full of random thing that happens and what was in my mind for a while. Me, myself and I are always wanted to taking sometimes in the world and try to connect them in world history class. Well I got to go because I have to blog some more! Talk to you later. Well in text version is TTYL ! :P Bye!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

About FAIR Downtown School

My favorite about this school is the lunch, because we get to socialize to our friends and have fun to joke around. I want you teachers to change, like don't keep moving on a different topic and already figuring out the topic that we are on. That's what you teachers need to change. Also, how much homework we are being given is terrible because we got about like 3 to 4 things in class. It's just too much to me. Plus the missing work that is like hurting my BRAIN!!!!! The class that i doing the best in is the Ms. Barr class(Biology) because she gives up this and i get it done in 10 or 15 mins tops. I'm struggling on World history because of these blog that we have to do everyday! Its sucks, i don't want to do them everyday. But, I will change by staying on top of them next quarter. My 4th quarter will be awesome by staying on top of my stuff at all times. Sometimes I think 10th grade is getting harder and harder. I'm wondering what college or PSEO will be. I want to find out that by myself. I need to challenge myself to get better.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A girl sexting

This girl is dumb for sending a picture to this little boy name Isaiah so called "her boyfriend". Which I think that isn't her boyfriend because he wouldn't send it to this girl, which he knew that girl would send it to everyone. Right now Margarite is hiding and getting really scared that everyone recognize her photo of her being naked. What surprised me is when her mom and dad didn't find out that quick. I know that a lot of kids that started that is responsible for starting that. I know that Margarite was the one who send the picture. But why would those kids send it to everyone in there phone. I thought the boyfriend was a very supportive and keep her comfortable. She has to hide her face and can't go anywhere because people are going to call her a slut or a whore for school her body on a picture. One, I think that she shouldn't of show her body to that guy. He nothing to him, that is not even a boyfriend and you know why. When her dad found out that she was doing that, he was upset at her like she lost his trust and a friendship. She known better to not show her body to anyone but herself. My opinion is that she should of got grounded for a little while. But if switching school is gonna change of what she did at the other school is never gonna go away. She is scarred for life. I'm wondering what she might do if she is getting text messages and phone calls from random people.